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Number of participating innovations and countries per year 2007-2020

IsraelAward Winner of Health care sector innovations  & Innovation of innovationsAlpha Tau Medical, Ltd.Alpha DaRT™ (Diffusing alpha-emitters radiation therapy) cancer treatmentAlpha DaRT is a novel radiation technology that can treat recurrent, metastatic, and locally advanced cancers. What makes this new therapy unique among radiation therapies is that, for the first time, it employs alpha particles for treatment of solid tumors. Alpha DaRT treatment consists of intratumorally-inserted radionuclides that emit alpha particles which kill tumor cells, sparing healthy cells nearby. In comparison to existing radiation therapies, it is highly effective, safe, and tolerable for patients. Alpha DaRT can potentially fill a huge unmet need for treatment of advanced cancers that are resistant or have become refractory to prior conventional therapies such as X-rays and chemotherapy, and when surgery is not an option.
SpainAward Winner of Potential innovationsMEDICSENNon invasive artificial pancreas for diabetes based on insulin delivery through a needle-free SmartpatchNeedle-free smartpatch for painless insulin delivery and machine learning algorithms to predict future patient needs, automatically delivering the correct amount of medication to improve control.
FinlandPrize Winner of Potential innovationsMetsä Spring OyKuura textile fibreMetsä Group is developing a new concept for the production of more sustainable textile fibres. As a hub firm, Metsä Group has orchestrated a network of over 50 partners to reach this point. 
RussiaPrize Winner of Potential innovationsNational Research University "MPEI"Autonomous cogeneration energy source based on micro hydraulic power plants using the principles of nature likeness technologiesHighly efficient hydraulic turbines for autonomous energy sources with a blade system designed using the principles of the "whale's fin" and "shark gills" structure, which provide an increase in the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic units.
ChinaAward Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsGree Electric Appliances, Inc. of ZhuhaiThe Air Disinfection and Purification Solution Based on CKER (Coronavirus Killer) System and Its ApplicationA novel air disinfection and purification system called CKER (Coronavirus Killer) was developed at the crucial moment of global epidemic prevention and control. The CKER system was based on three Gree patented core technologies, namely the high efficiency trap technology based on the combination of high density plasma and HEPA, the accurate temperature control technology based on target temperature of virus inactivation and the rapid purification method of space airflow organization.
The CKER system has already been applied in our novel antivirus air purifier, which was developed epically to kill the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The test results of the third-party authority showed that the antivirus air purifier using CKER system can rapidly reduce the fine particulate matter and eliminate a range of harmful pathogens. Moreover, the field test report from Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences clearly proved that the inactivation rate of SARS-CoV-2 is higher than 99% after one hour operation. 
Up to now, the products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, the sales of the products have reached more than USD 156.7 million, adding USD 24.1 million in profits and USD 11 million in taxes. 
EstoniaPrize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsSolarstone OÜClick-on framing kitWorld’s first solution that renders standard PV panels into weatherproof 2in1 roofing material
IndiaPrize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsTATA Chemicals LimitedWealth from Waste: Dead Batteries To Pigments - Cobalt aluminateA mission towards Sustainability brought focus on converting hazardous metal extracted from waste Li-ion batteries into a value added chemistry that also reduces impact of mining and ecological damage. The product, cobalt aluminate pigment was successfully synthesized utilizing recovered cobalt and a major part of the aluminium raw material from recycled sources (spent Li-ion batteries). The pigment’s desirable total solar reflectance properties are at par with that made from virgin raw materials. A good Total solar reflectance (TSR) value of pigments is desirable to keep inner temperature of buildings lower, reducing air-conditioning costs and contributing to lower carbon footprint.
EstoniaPrize Winner of Health care sector innovationsRespirayWearable Air PurifierRespiray’s wearable air purifier immediately eliminates 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria by disinfecting inhaled air with safe UV-C technology.
RussiaPrize Winner of Health care sector innovationsThe Government of Moscow, JSC “Electronic Moscow”AI-based computer vision technologies for medical image analysisThe analysis of 4 types of radiological tests and the diagnostics of lung cancer and pathologies, breast cancer, COVID-19, osteoporosis, and ischemic heart disease provided by the neural networks.
SpainPrize Winner of Health care sector innovationsINYCOMAid system for the detection of various pathologies based on image analysis with AI techniques.(CADIA)Design and implementation in a regional health service of an innovative technological solution that helps the detection of various pathologies through intelligent image analysis and its demonstration in breast cancer screening.
RussiaAward Winner of Education sector innovationsThe Government of Moscow, JSC “Electronic Moscow”Moscow Electronic School (MES) – the unified educational ecosystemMES is an innovative educational platform, which has no analogs in Russia by the number of users. It satisfies the demand of Moscow in terms of services provided and the scope of the educational content. 
Basque CountryPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsBASQUE CULINARY CENTERBasque Culinary Center: Promoting culinary training and innovation in the university environment Basque Culinary Center is a pioneering project at global level that has taken gastronomy to the academic and research sphere, launching the first Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences in Spain (the first Degree in Gastronomy) and the first technology centre specialised in gastronomy.
SpainPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsGRUPO EDELVIVESGo STEAM: Integrated Competency-Based Learning across all school, from Kindergarten to SecondaryA subscription platform that democratises the development of STEAM skills across subjects: it merges content, assessment and
technology in a secure, invisible and personalised way.
HungaryAward Winner of Public sector innovationsCentre for Agricultural Research (short name: CAR)ProPlanta Cost and Environment Friendly Fertilization Advisory SystemBuilt on the unique database of the Hungarian long-term fertilization experiment network, the software helps the farmers in the economic and sustainable utilization of nutrients.
Basque CountryPrize Winner of Public sector innovationsVISESA: Vivienda y Suelo de Euskadi, S.A. – Euskadiko Etxebizitza eta Lurra, EANovel role of the Administration as Delegated Promoter for fostering neighbourhood rehabilitationVisesa as one-stop-shop for administrating, contracting and supervising both the design and execution of the rehabilitation following a turnkey model as well as administrating the financing on behalf of the beneficiaries.
IsraelPrize Winner of Public sector innovationsDorot Geriatric HospitalDrones in medical service – From fighting COVID-19 to universal solutionsAutonomic drone delivery networks between medical facilities for medical supply service, including pharmacological items and preparations, COVID-19 swabs, lab. specimens, blood products, organs etc, real time and on demand, resulting in improved medical care, fewer costs, and sustainability.
Basque CountryAward Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)EGA SOLUTIONS S.L.FULL TRACEABILITY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR HIGH VALUE-ADDED INDUSTRIESA solution for full traceability along the mounting process for the machining of aircraft engine parts by setting up a scalable, flexible and sustainable technology ecosystem in terms of operational and economic efficiency.
SpainPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)COCUUSMimethica: The first Food-Tech platform which joints multiple Technologies and proprietary ingredients (bio-ink/bio-gels) for the formulation of new food.The resources to feed the entire population are limited and we cannot address it with today's solutions. We have started the Food Science revolution and we have implemented in the industry new Plant-Based and Cell-Based manufacturing processes. 
SwedenPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)Edeva ABActibumpThe Actibump is an active speed bump that is only a speed bump for those who speed. The main problem that it solves is the compromise between traffic safety and accessibility for buses.
SwedenAward Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)NOAQ Flood Protection ABNOAQ BoxwallThe NOAQ Boxwall is a free-standing self-anchoring temporary flood barrier
Basque CountryPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)COMERCIALIZADORA LA RIOJA ALTA S.L.QUALITY CONTROL, TRACEABILITY AND FOOD SECURITY SYSTEM EMPLOYING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEInnovative artificial intelligence system for quality control and serialization of the minimum unit of the finished product for commercial traceability and food security purposes.
SpainPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)ATRIA INNOVATIONSIARA: AI System for identification and classification of waste through Computer VisionSIARA improves the efficiency of the selection plants processes of plastic packaging waste, cans and briks through a Computer Vision system based on Deep Learning for the detection and removal of unwanted bulky waste.
RussiaArward Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)JSC "Ion Exchange Technologies", National Research University "MPEI"High efficiency drinking-quality water purification system for feeding an open-type water heating systemThe use of nanofiltration (NF) to obtain the make-up water of an open-type water heating system leads to a reduction in operating costs and a reduction in the cost of treated water both with traditional technologies and with reverse osmosis, as well as to obtain water more suitable for drinking compared with reverse osmosis permeate.
Czech RepublicPrize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s.Innovation of precision casting technologies for new types of castings of superalloy nickel-based turbocharger partsA new technology for precision casting of new generation of turbocharger parts and production of shell moulds with technology consistent with the European Grean Deal strategy was implemented and verified.
FinlandPrize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)Peikko Group CorporationBOLDA®, a compact, high-strength Column Shoe for bolted connections in precast concrete columnsBOLDA® is a new-generation compact and heavy-duty Column Shoe. BOLDA® Column Shoes can be
used to connect a precast concrete column either to the foundation of a building or on top of
another concrete column.


ChinaAward Winner of Health care sector innovations  & Innovation of innovationsThe First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen UniversityIschemia-free organ transplantation marks the arrival of the "warm organ transplantation" eraIschemia-free organ transplantation, with systemic device and surgical innovation, transplants a door organ completely avoiding the IRI and significantly improving transplant outcomes.
Spain, Basque CountryAward Winner of Potential innovationsAdvanced Systems In MOBility, S.L.Digitization and automation of the regular road safety inspection for vertical traffic signs.Regular inspections of traffic signs today is being done manually. ASIMOB automates this task with new technology (IoT, AI), significantly improving incident detections, and optimizing maintenance tasks.
RussiaAward Winner of Potential innovationsNational Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"Flywheel energy storage device with high-temperature superconducting suspensionFlywheel energy storage device with a contactless magnetic suspension based on Meissner effect in high-temperature superconductors is a new environmentally friendly and efficient way to save energy.
IsraelAward Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsUBQ Materials Ltd.UBQ Advanced Waste Conversion; landfill-destined waste transformed into a bio-based thermoplastic.

UBQ converts unsorted household waste – food, paper, cardboard and mixed plastics, into a sustainable raw material substituting oil-based plastics in product manufacturing.

Our motto: Why waste waste?


Czech RepublicPrize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsSILON, s.r.o.Development of a new high-tech productThanks to continuous innovations, SILON has developed high-quality polyester fibre “SOFISIL”, which is produces from PET bottles collected from the ocean and its coast.
FinlandPrize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsVaisala OyjGROUNDBREAKING IN SITU INSTRUMENT FOR BIOGAS MEASUREMENTMGP261 Multigas Probe is the world’s first in situ instrument that can measure multiple gases in demanding biogas process conditions where repeatable, stable, and accurate measurement is essential.
RussiaPrize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsBMPower and National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (academic partner)Zero-emission and lightweight air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell power sources for drones and robotsBMPower air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell are an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, which allows storage of up to 5 times more energy per unit mass of the power sources, thus increasing the drones flight time up to 12 hours (depending on the type).
SwedenPrize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovationsSolar Bora ABNext generation Solar Home System (NextGenSHS) with a circular business modelSolar Bora develops NextGen SHS to deliver grid quality electricity to areas of no grid. This enables cooking with induction stoves and productive usage of the electricity!

Spain, Basque Country

Prize Winner of Health care sector innovationsGOGOA Mobility Robots S.LHANK exoskeleton by GOGOA Mobility Robots

HANK exoskeleton is a medical device for the recovery of motor functions for patients with neurological problems due to spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative diseases and stroke.

SpainPrize Winner of Health care sector innovationsCORIFY CARE SL (Corify)ACORYS© Innovative and cost-effective medical device to characterise cardiac arrhythmias and improve interventions

The goal of Corify is the development and commercial exploitation of a medical device that solves one of the main problems of cardiovascular clinical practice: the prognosis and treatment of patients with Atrial Fibrillation, an arrhythmia that affects more than 10 million of patients in Europe.


ChinaAward Winner of Education sector innovationsChina Mobile Group Zhejiang Co.,Ltd.Hangzhou Branch5G-based remote VR visiting and teaching applicationThe 5G-based VR remote teaching & quarantine remote visitation platform is an immersive VR teaching platform.Combined with 5G, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence algorithms, it can conduct one-to-many virtual reality teaching on the hospital LAN or remote Internet. The platform allows doctors from different regions to gather in a virtual space. Expert doctors can quickly ask and answer students' questions; students can learn professional knowledge more intuitively in the virtual world.
EstoniaPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsTallinn Health Care CollegeRoof garden “Hands-on”

The container garden has been created on the roof of Tallinn Health Care College´s (THCC) new wing. Plants of various purposes are cultivated there – medicinal herbs, poisonous plants, aromatic plants etc. Educational aspect is considered when choosing the plants that are being introduced to THCC students and the public – plants as well as their characteristics, options to use and risk factors. Generated biowaste is composted and no synthetic plant protection products are used for plant cultivation. Virtual environment PlantsMap has been introduced to allow distance learning and to facilitate learning, consisting of garden´s database and information about the plants (photo, location, name, description). Every plant growing in the garden has been tagged with the name of the plant and QR-code leading to the database. The garden also has a recreational function, and several seminars of various curricula are conducted there.

The aim is to share evidence-based information about plants and their effects, to introduce options for growing the plants and options for their use, and to conduct scientific studies with the plants cultivated in the garden. Students involved in scientific studies are included to popularise scientific approach among the public, and training materials are composed.  


LatviaPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsRed Cross Medical College of Rīga Stradiņš UniversityHospital work simulation for Health care students in College environmentClassroom workshops for health care students are topic or field based. But real hospital routine is multidisciplinary. During the Covid-19 lockdown students faced lack of possibilities to practice at the hospital. Therefore, we developed a simulation where most activities that take part in hospital are built in classroom environment.
Spain, Basque CountryAward Winner of Public sector innovationsEUSKAL TRENBIDE SAREAAcoustic mini-barrier for low-speed railway lines.Acoustic mini-barriers provide noise reduction better than traditional noise abatement solutions, without the need for foundations or large works, with minimal visual impact, and at very competitive prices.
ChinaPrize Winner of Public sector innovationsState Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company  AI-based Dynamic Lightning Protection System in Power Distribution NetworkA lightning protection technology utilizes lightning tracking, AI forecasting, distribution network control and renewable energies coordination to improve the power reliability and stability.
RussiaPrize Winner of Public sector innovationsJSC "Electronic Moscow"Moscow innovation ecosystem (testing of innovative solutions)The project presents a concept for the comprehensive development of innovation in the urban environment. The concept includes synchronizing the work of the city, innovation developers and participants of the innovation infrastructure for conducting pilot testing of new solutions at urban and commercial facilities.
Czech RepublicAward Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)Berkhof Construction s.r.o.Automatic X-ray inspection and imaging deviceThe new Berkhof X-rad product offers product control in fully automatic mode. Thanks to the new generation X-ray detector, it is possible to detect even light materials and fine internal defects, which has not been possible until now.
Spain, Basque CountryPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)ntClick Soluciones Tecnológicas SlDevelopment of the Tooling Control platform: innovative product (R + D + i product)Development of the Tooling control platform: an integrated solution with RFID technology for the traceability control of combined variable elements and safe data optimization in the manufacturing sector.
SpainPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)SKROLLER S.L.Skroller, the e-scooter backrest.Skroller S.L. (skroller-belt.com) is a spanish startup that has developed and patented an innovative backrest for electric scooters
Spain, Basque CountryAward Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)Alias Robotics, S.L.RIS: Robots Immune System

RIS is a Robotic Endpoint Protection Platform (REPP) that detects, stops and reports on threats affecting these cyberphysical technologies. It protects robots and their components against malware and malicious attackers.


Czech RepublicPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)Radalytica a.s.Quality 4.0 - Robotic non-destructive inspection using NDT imaging methods. – “RadalyX”A unique robotic platform capable of non-destructive testing in a wide area of interest across industries with the possibility of immediate evaluation thanks to various imaging options that can be combined.
FinlandPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)PiBond OySilicon-Rich Materials for Advanced Semiconductor FabricationPiBond developed novel resist solution that simplify EUV lithography. This increases the throughput, improves the yield and enhances the quality of EUVL process. Also the need of chemicals is reduced.
SpainArward Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)TSK Electronica y Electricidad, S.A. “TSK”SIXPERIENCE: Virtual reality-based system for the operation and maintenance of industrial facilities

SIXPERIENCE is a virtual reality-based system allowing the verification and actuation of every element of an industrial installation through an immersive virtual environment.

Spain, Basque CountryPrize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)SORALUCE S.COOP.DWS – Dynamic Workpiece StabiliserDevice that eliminates chatter that is usually generated when machining flexible workpieces. That chatter is caused by the excessive flexibility of the workpiece.
ChinaPrize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)Dell (China) Company LimitedDell Digital Quality Command Center (DQCC)Establish a decision system through big data analysis to enable the visual display of real time quality data of all production processes, intelligent detection and prediction of any quality abnormity, and automatically manage quality activities in digital way.



SpainAward Winner of Public sector innovations & Innovation of innovationsUNIVERSIDAD DE ALCALÁMESMERISE® (Multi-Energy High Resolution Modular Scan System for Internal and External Concealed Commodities).Contactless, automatic and rapid technology for the detection of illegal substances or prohibited items concealed under the clothes or in the human body (weapons, drugs, explosives, etc.)
SwedenAward Winner of Potential innovationsMULTI4 ABMULTI4-the future of cancer diagnosis and treatmentRevolutionary instrument for cancer diagnosis and treatment, performed in few minutes thanks to brand new and patented technology. Less suffering, significant cost savings and intervention on time.
FinlandPrize Winner of Potential innovationsSolteq OyjSolteq’s Retail Robot: an autonomous, mobile robot for retail stores, which operates in real time.Solteq’s Retail Robot combines machine vision with an autonomous mobile robot in stores. It detects empty shelves, price tag information and missing products, integrates the data, and checks its accuracy in real time.
RussiaPrize Winner of Potential innovationsNational Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"Distributed Intelligent MicrogridIntelligent devices for the accumulation and management of electricity consumption for developing regions, ensuring their self-organization into a balanced microgrid with a fair distribution of energy resources. Intelligent energy storage and energy management devices are a low-cost product designed for end users in developing regions with electricity shortages. The developed device incorporates an energy storage device (battery) and an intelligent control system. In addition, intelligent devices for the accumulation and management of energy consumption provide the ability to connect solar panels, wind generators, small hydro generators and generators for fossil fuels, as well as connecting to a centralized power supply network, if available. Thanks to an intelligent control system, the developed device studies user behavior and, using weather forecasts to predict renewable energy generation volumes, manages energy consumption in such a way as to provide economical continuous reliable power supply to important power-consuming user devices. Also, thanks to the intelligent control system, the developed devices can be interconnected with electric cables in random order. The devices automatically recognize each other and self-organize into a balanced microgrid so that excess electricity in one device of one consumer can be transferred to another device of another consumer, providing a fair rational, economically feasible redistribution of energy resources. The redistribution of energy resources of consumers is recorded in blockchain and is used to account for the amount of electricity transmitted between users. Two types of control and management of electricity flows are supported: with monetary compensation and without monetary compensation. If one of the users has increased consumption and there is no way to compensate for it at the expense of money, then in this case, compensation occurs due to the provision of so-called system services during peak hours by reducing their power consumption and issuing accumulated electricity to the network. In the second case, if the consumer has the opportunity to pay for electricity, then he pays for additional amounts of energy from his own money in addition to purchasing the developed device. The use of developed intelligent devices allows to organize power supply in developing countries, making only initial capital costs without the need to pay for electricity consumed in the future and without the cost of services of network companies and system operators.
SpainAward Winner of Responsible & renewable innovations (Circular economy innovations)Biofactoría Naturae et Salus, S.AMore food, less waste

Eco-friendly manufacturing of healthy foods based on fruits and vegetables, without any chemical preservatives, through a business model and production based on the circular economy, in which ugly vegetables are given a second chance outside that would otherwise be discarded.

ChinaPrize Winner of Responsible & renewable innovations (Circular economy innovations)Nuclear Power Institute of ChinaResearch and development of model ZH-65 steam generator (SG) for HPR1000 Nuclear Power Plant

The project has significantly increased the steam quality, seismic capacity and life time of steam generator for HPR1000 Nuclear Power Plant, creating over $700 million revenue, and tremendous social & environmental benefit.

FinlandPrize Winner of Responsible & renewable innovations (Circular economy innovations)Nokia OyjLiquid-cooled radio base stationIn our project a liquid-cooled radio base station was developed. The concept was demonstrated with the world’s first liquid-cooled base operating at commercial network.
Spain, Basque CountryAward Winner of Health care sector innovationsDonostialdea Integrated Healthcare Organization -OSAKIDETZAStrategic innovation for multifaceted and multidisciplinary intervention aimed at multipathology patientsDistinct intervention for complex chronic patients who consume more of our system’s resources and thus improve their quality of life, reduce days in hospital and favour integration.
ChinaPrize Winner of Health care sector innovationsThe Second Affiliated Hospital of Army Medical University of People's Liberation Army of ChinaEstablishing and Application of Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Fusion Technique for Lumbar Disc DiseasesEstablishing a minimally invasive endoscopic technique for lumbar intervertebral disc diseases and achieve better therapeutic effects, less trauma and less complications with less medical costs.
SerbiaPrize Winner of Health care sector innovationsInstitute for experimental phonetics and speech pathology „Đorđe Kostić“ (IEFPG)Electrophysiological correlates assessment of speech-language processingElectrophysiological correlates assessment of speech-language processing is an innovative method developed in IEPSP that is used for examination of electrophysiological correlates of brain processing for defined auditory, visual, audio-visual and verbal stimuli in children of typical and atypical speech-language development. It represents a significant diagnostic procedure which complements behavioral methods and provides guidance in the diagnostics, prognosis and planning of speech and language treatment.
FinlandAward Winner of Education sector innovationsWordDive LtdSpeak with AISpeak with AI is an artificial intelligence-based mobile app for learning to speak English. The app recognises pronunciation errors made by the user and provides personal feedback for correcting them.
RussiaPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsBashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. AkhmullaLotto game "A Human – Society – Nature" for socialization and development of skills of children and adults with visual impairment  The new educational method is proposed as well as methods of socialization for persons with visual disabilities and specialists working with them through development of abilities to percept the world around them in a game form.  
SpainPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsSANTILLANA GLOBAL S.L.SET VEINTIUNOEducational solution to introduce in a systematized way the skills for the XXI century (soft-skills) in the school and prepare the students to become the citizens of a changing and complex world.
LatviaPrize Winner of Public sector innovationsElectronic Communications OfficeElectronic Communications Office Software SKUDRA for mobile and fixed monitoring.Development of software and algorithms for detection of transmissions and descriptive representation of results leading to efficient spectrum monitoring.
SwedenPrize Winner of Public sector innovationsRegion GotlandSustainable treatment of landfill gas with energy recyclingPurification of landfill gas through RTO, minimizes methane emissions and enables energy recovery through heat exchange to district heating networks, which finances investment and operation.
IsraelAward Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)Tevel Aerobotics Technologies LtdAutonomous Fruit Harvesting, On DemandTo lead in the transformation of fruit harvesting from a traditional labour-intensive practice into fully autonomous flying fleets of robots guided by AI that significantly increase fruit yields and quality while reducing operating cost
ChinaPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute Detection System Business DivisionPort Container Hauling Truck Anti-lifting System Based on Machine VisionIt realizes accurate recognition and quick warning of container hauling truck error-lifting accidents based on machine vision for the first time, and thoroughly resolves this worldwide safety and efficiency problem in the industry.
KazakhstanPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)TOO «Absolute technologies lab»Absolute CryptographyOur team has developed a completely new technology in the field of cryptography. Our encryption algorithm is at least 10 times faster than RSA (this is the leading method of encryption in many countries now)  for encrypting small documents, and more than 100 times faster for large files. Our algorithm is not only post-quantum, but designed for a non-deterministic Turing machine. Future super computers and quanta will not be able to hack us.
HungaryAward Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)Sanatmetal Ltd.WIWE heart diagnostics deviceWIWE is a bank-card sized personal ECG device -  the most advanced of its kind in the world – developed to assess the risk of stroke and, in a world unique way, sudden cardiac arrest. It was issued a CE mark in medical device category.
ChinaPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Precision Strip Co., Ltd.Process Technology and Series Product Development of Wide Ultra-thin Precision Stainless Steel StripTo meet the demand for light, high-strength and precision material by customers, an innovation on process technology and product development was carried out for precision stainless steel strip or foil with thickness of 0.02mm.
SpainPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)PigCHAMP Pro EuropaBIORISK: PLATFORM FOR THE EVALUATION OF BIOSECURITY PROTOCOLS AND THE PREDICTION OF ON-FARM DISEASE OUTBREAKSIt allows to register the movements of the personnel inside the farm, classifying them according to their risk. Integrating them with sanitary parameters, biological threats with great economic losses are prevented
SwedenAward Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)NorDan AB3D printed windows/doors in biomaterial and world´s first biocomposite window producer in 3D printerOn 10 Oct 2019 NorDan launched 3D printed circular windows for sales in the Scandinavian market (product innovation). Process innovation applying 3D printer and renewable innovation using biomaterial.
ChinaPrize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)GREE Electric Appliances, Inc. of ZhuhaiResearch and Application of High-Precision Magnetic Suspension SystemThe HPMSS (High-Precision Magnetic Suspension System)  is a novel driving device with characteristics of high efficiency, maintenance-free and low noise. It can realize oil-free, friction-free, high-speed, energy saving and reduce CO2 emissions greatly.
RussiaPrize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)R&D Center of Federal Grid Company , scientific partner – NRU MPEIGreen Power Smart SubstationTechnology to reduce energy consumption at substations through the use of dissipated heat of power equipment for heating buildings and smart cooling systems for power equipment.




SpainAward Winner of Social and health care sector innovations & Innovation of innovationsADVANCED MARKER DISCOVERY, S.L. (AMADIX)Colofast, innovative test for the early detection of colon cancer through liquid biopsyTest for the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer - even years before the tumor is formed - by means of a blood test as a substitute for invasive screening techniques.
Spain, Basque CountryAward Winner of Potential InnovationsTOLOSALDEA INTEGRATED HEALTH CARE ORGANISATIONSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR AUTOMATED SCREENING FOR DIABETIC RETINOPATHYSoftware was developed to automatically detect diabetic retinopathy in population screening programmes. Simplifying the process, improves the quality of care and the efficiency of the health system.
ChinaPrize Winner of Potential innovationsState Grid Suzhou Power Supply CompanyDevelopment of Smart Cable Management SystemCombining the Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Mobile Internet, a smart cable management system is developed.


Prize Winner of Potential innovationsFujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland OyContinuous development of cultivation data ecosystem in gutter hydroponic horticulture greenhouseCreate a service for new style of reliable and low cost urban agriculture for huge and micro plant factories so that “anyone could make food anywhere”.
FinlandAward Winner of Responsible & renewable innovationsNorsepower Oy LtdNorsepower Rotor Sail SolutionNorsepower Rotor Sail Solution, helps freight and passenger vessels to reduce fuel costs by 5 % to 20 %, by enhancing the propulsion system of a vessel by using wind as an auxiliary propulsion measure
Spain, Basque CountryPrize Winner of Responsible & renewable innovationsA&B Laboratorios de BiotecnologíaBiological product for in situ bioremediation of groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbonsEcodesigned product , with psychrophilic bacteria, that degrade hydrocarbons and produce biosurfactans.  Meets the requirements to be considered Best Available Technique and promotes circular economy.
ChinaPrize Winner of Responsible & renewable innovationsLuoyang Ship Material Research InstituteDevelopment of the Wholly Home-made LNG (liquefied natural gas) VaporizerThe project broke through a number of key technologies and completed the research and development of the wholly domestic LNG vaporizer, with its performance at the international advanced level and a mark of the end of the Japanese product monopoly, and has filled the domestic gap.
RussiaPrize Winner of Social and health care sector innovationsDearest doctor LLCMethod of Stimulation of the Central Nervous System of Newborns and Children at Early AgeThe method of stimulation of the central nervous system of newborns and young children, including the impact of incoherent polarized light of the "Bioptron" device using red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple color filters.
South AfricaPrize Winner of Social and health care sector innovationsKirkonsult (Pty) LtdCarbotect

The Carbotect™ technology was originally developed to address the lack of a rapid, reliable, high-specificity, cost effective and user friendly diagnostic test to verify cleaning procedures in high risk food and beverage facilities. This was required to support the essentially reactive microbiological testing which is the current benchmark in most factories.The sensitivity of the same test to detect ultra-low levels of organic contaminants (>50ppb) inclusive of the bi-products of microbial growth and biofilms has expanded the use of the product to include proactive biofilm detection and verification of the sanitary status of both process and product water. Finally, the capacity to detect organic contaminants has provided a definitive platform to proactively detect, monitor and control the presence of residual organic allergens (nuts, soya, milk and egg etc.) all of which pose a significant health risk to allergen susceptible consumers.


EstoniaAward Winner of Education sector innovationsTallinn School No. 21Specialised classes in Entrepreneurship and Robotics

Specialised classes in Entrepreneurship and Robotics follow the new curriculum that has innovative subjects such as Robotics and entrepreneurship well integrated with Maths and Natural Science. The syllabus is a good model to schools in Estonia as it is unique in our country. The orientation of study provides the students opportunities to develop their skills and craft to become successful future citizens worldwide. The skills we develop are: Digital- Technical, Maths, Natural Science, communicion and study skills. In order to teach and train the students a new innovative and highly technological studio was formed. Many Estonian and foreign guests are greatly interested in The LEGO® Innovation Studio (#EduInnoLab Robotics Laboratory). The studio is a perfect example of contemporary teaching-learning practice in e-Estonia. Tallinn School No. 21 has been awarded with the Entrepreneurial School 2017. The Entrepreneurial Schools Award is a European recognition of the best schools in entrepreneurship education.

ChinaPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsBeijing Institute of Space Long March VehicleDevelopment of a Virtual Training System for Measuring Quality CharacteristicsThe virtual training system for quality characteristic measurement turns the complex test operation into realistic simulation animation, which greatly improves the training efficiency.
FinlandPrize Winner of Education sector innovationsEyon Inc.KitSatKitSat is a small and affordable educational satellite. It can be used in realistic satellite operation simulations and as a practical way of space technology education.
SpainAward Winner of Public service innovationsTERUEL AIRPORT BROCHUREThe largest and most innovative aircraft parking centre and MRO airport platform in EuropeLargest MRO airport centre in Europe, with parking space for more than 250 aircraft, maintenance, recycling, tests, flying school, R&D, aviation, aeronautics training and rocket engine testing.
Spain, Basque CountryPrize Winner of Public service innovationsEUSKAL TRENBIDE SAREASupervision of level crossings by means of Computer VisionA computer vision system that increases safety at level crossings by detecting, in real time, hazards to railway traffic, allowing immediate actions to avoid accidents.
ChinaPrize Winner of Public service innovationsChina Mobile Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd.Malignant Phone Calls Prevention PlatformThis innovative project builds a platform for malignant phone calls prevention based on cloud platform and big data, which can effectively intercept all kinds of sales promotion, harassment and fraud calls, and give timely notification to suspected victims.
ChinaAward Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)Electric Power Metering Center of State Grid Tianjin Electric Power CompanyAutomatic Sorting and Recycling of Dismantled and Returned Electric MetersA sorting and recycling system that can automatically process a massive number of dismantled and returned electric meters and maximize the efficiency of recycling
IsraelPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)AppsVillageAppsVillage app creation platform

AppsVillage has developed a unique platform that enables businesses to easily build a mobile app based on their Facebook page. AppsVillage provides users with an app with features customized to their business’s needs.

With AppsVillage app, businesses can create, manage and monitor their own app: notify customers about new offers and updates; post special deals that can be purchased from the app; let customers book appointments; stay in touch with customers with one-on-one chat; track and analyze user impressions, activity, and sales revenues; and more.

SpainPrize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)FICOSTERRA, S.L.Agriculture: Seaweed and microorganisms biotechnology as a new paradigm for fertilizationWith a combination of seaweed extracts and microorganisms, ficosterra´s proprietary technology BCB (Biological Crop Booster) enables a better harnessing of soil nutrients to the plant, thus resulting in more efficient crop yield.
FinlandAward Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)Genelec OyThe Ones – acoustically innovative coaxial three-way loudspeaker familyThe innovation is a scalable loudspeaker design that implements a three-way coaxial loudspeaker working across the full audio band. The construction is novel and nothing similar can be found on the market.
Spain, Basque CountryPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)EGA MASTER S.L.CUSTOM INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS ENGINEERING IN SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY FOR HIGH ADDED VALUE INDUSTRYAn unprecedented new business line of turnkey custom industrial solutions engineering for high added value industry.
ChinaPrize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises)Optical Manufacturing Center of Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics & Electricity (OMC-BISME)Space Optical Development System Based on Intelligent ManufacturingEstablishing an intelligent manufacturing system for space optical components and achieving upgrading development capability.
FinlandAward Winner of Business innovations (Large companies)Vaisala OyjVaisala viewLinc Monitoring System – Safeguard your invaluable pharmaceutical assets anywhere 24/7ViewLinc Monitoring System uses industry-best sensors and wireless technology to ensure the storage conditions of critical assets such as medicines and vaccines in pharmaceutical warehouses and labs.
Spain, Basque CountryPrize of Business innovations (Large companies)IBERDROLA DISTRIBUCIÓN SAInnovation in the location of faults and characterization of faults in medium voltage networksA system which allows locating and repairing faults in the distribution lines more quickly, saving staff costs and lack of su pply and also reducing dangers derived from faults.
ChinaPrize of Business innovations (Large companies)DELL (China) Limited CompanyDigitalized & Intelligent Quality Management SystemDrive the digital transformation of traditional manual quality issue management, to enhance the efficiency of quality issue handling and reduce the issue cycle time.









Innovation of Innovations

Award Winner of Health Care Sector Innovations

Gilead Sciences

Gilead Portfolio for Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC) treatment, the revolution in the natural history of a disease

The Gilead Portfolio for CHC treatment offers the most efficacious treatments, simplified with a limited toxicity profile and high tolerability, improving the curation rates compared to the other available alternatives.


Award Winner of potential innovations


Disinfection of crops and improvement of seed germination with high-intensity blue LED light

Using state of the art LED blue light technology for disinfection of crops. Illumination with blue light eliminates crop pathogens, improves quality and germination of the crop.


Prize Winner of potential innovations

State Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company

Suzhou Power Demand Side Management under the Framework of Smart Grid

The company established intelligent power information platform, developed clean energy and energy-saving transformation and realized the goals of peak load reduction, fair right of power consumption and independent management of Smart Grid.


Award Winner of Responsible & Renewable Innovations


Wireless Detection System for Hydrocarbon Leaks

Hydrocarbon leak detection system that allows the continuous, remote and wireless monitoring of the presence of contaminants in the underground area of any facility.


Award Winner of Responsible & Renewable Innovations

Stora Enso Packaging Oyj

EcoFishBoxTM – a fish package that saves both nature and costs

EcoFishBox corrugated board packages made from renewable wood fiber are an environmentally friendly option for styrox (EPS, expanded polystyrene) packages widely used in the fish industry.

Spain, Basque Country

Award Winner of education sector innovations

Cooperativa de Enseñanza Colegio Vizcaya

“Cooking the Science”: the kitchen laboratory as a comprehensive and integrating learning tool

The innovation was to create a kitchen laboratory as a way to make students get closer to the scientific knowledge, so they develop healthy habits through practice and collaborative learning involving the whole school community to do so.


Prize Winner of education sector innovations


Student Training System with 3D Moog SIMODONT® Dental Trainer (Moog SIMODONT) at the Faculty of Dentistry

It is a high-end dentistry simulation & training system. It helps students to improve their skills & to master the principles of cavity preparation; it helps the teaching staff to assess the progress made by a student. Innovation is usage of it as obligatory part in the studies, not just as possibility to improve learning process.


Award Winner of public services innovations

Beijing Institute of Space System Engineering

A High Accuracy Gravity Value Corrector

Based on four technical innovations and nine-rectangle-grid quality management method, we developed a new gravity value corrector, which can improve gravity value correction accuracy by more than 50%.

Spain, Basque Country

Prize Winner of public services innovations

Osakidetza Basque Health Service

Mobility and Nursing. Medical APPs and Lightweight Tablets. Bedside Innovation

Development of medical APPs for lightweight tablets for nursing-related uses at the patient's bedside, providing the information needed to perform care-related procedures both safely and efficiently and to help in decision making.


Award Winner of social and health care sector innovations

Gilead Sciences

Gilead Portfolio for Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC) treatment, the revolution in the natural history of a disease

The Gilead Portfolio for CHC treatment offers the most efficacious treatments, simplified with a limited toxicity profile and high tolerability, improving the curation rates compared to the other available alternatives.


Prize Winner of social and health care sector innovations

Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Introduction of a nationwide drug-to-drug interaction assessment functionality in the digital prescription information system

Estonian Health Insurance Fund has built an e-service based on the drug-to-drug interaction database INXBASE – RISKBASE so as to provide to Estonian doctors and pharmacists a free-of-charge option of assessing drug-to-drug interaction. The objective of assessment of drug-to-drug interaction is to improve treatment quality and patient safety. The service is integrated with digital prescription system which is used by all medical institutions.


Award Winner of business innovations (micro and startup companies)


The first hybrid propulsion system for aircrafts in the world

The system converts the aircraft into a hybrid, adds 40 cv (metric horsepower) and improves flight safety. Furthermore, it enables the aircraft to be flown in 100% electric mode, in the event of the failure of the combustible engine. The system is rechargeable while in-flight.

Czech Republic

Prize Winner of business innovations (micro and startup companies)

OIG Power s.r.o.

Three-phase hybrid system CES BATTERY BOX for accumulation and distribution of electric power from renewable resources

A smart home power plant that links the generation of electric power from renewable resources with its storage in batteries is an optimal energy management that covers household consumption at the desired time, not just at the time of generation.


Award Winner of business innovations (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises)

Amomatic Oy


New method for processing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), where bitumen is separated from the aggregates, and a processing plant that implements this method.


Prize Winner of business innovations (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises)

AS Hansab

Humanoid robot Pepper for Telia

Telia Estonia new headquarters included humanoid robot Pepper as a guest recipient in first phase. In near future we’ll develop the robot of being able to carry out the role of the tour guide of Telia new building as well as a customer service assistant.


Award Winner of business innovations (large companies)

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy

Emission free underground drilling jumbo DD422iE for better productivity, safer working environment

Reduction of underground engine emissions is one of the top long term priorities in underground mining industry. This innovation provides completely emission free drilling jumbo concept.


Prize Winner of business innovations (large companies)

MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.

Introduction of a 15-month operating cycle for VVER-440 type nuclear power plant units

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant has been the first in the world to extend the operating cycle of VVER-440 type nuclear power plant units, thus improving safety, economy and decreasing environmental load.







Innovation of innovations

Award winner of potential innovations

Volvo Construction EquipmentHX1 - Future Hauler Concept

A new revolutionizing concept of a future autonomous hauler. The HX1 is autonomous and uses electric propulsion. 

FinlandAward winner of business innovations (micro & startup companies)NOOA GlobalNOOA

NOOA is a SaaS platform that helps managers to lead organizational change through gamification and engagement. 

IsraelPrize winner of business innovations (micro & startup companies)Quality Line Production Technology LtdQualityLine Real-Time Manufacturing Intelligence technology ("QRMI")

Monitoring technology & Manufacturing Intelligence adapted to any existing production lines in the electronics Industry to improve manufacturing line yield, reduce manufacturing costs and increase efficiency.

IsraelAward winner of business innovations (SME companies)AccuBeat LtdTIME FIREWALL

An innovative device that enables detection of spoofing attacks and provides secure synchronization time from GPS receivers. The device provides for protection of the timing signal from GPS from these hazards.

HungaryPrize winner of business innovations (SME companies)DAK Steel Construction Ltd.

Innovative Hungarian products in the field of road safety

A competitive, light, but also safe steel road restraint system family, which is compatible with the existing ones the country. The focus in the development was on simplicity, less elements, simple installation and maintenance, which altogether allow a low-cost operation.
Czech RepublicAward winner of business innovations (large companies)SKODA JS, a.s.Neutron flux sensors and/or thermocouples disposal device

The device's purpose is to extract and dispose of non-functional channels of neutron flux sensors and thermocouples from nuclear reactor protection tubes block.

FinlandPrize winner of business innovations (large companies)Metsä Fibre Oy"The Mills of the Future" operational model

A new operating model for production. It is based on shared leadership and self-directed teams, and it promotes a customer-oriented approach within the production organization.

FinlandAward winner of public sector servicesCity of Espoo“Ropsu” robot, Espoo’s first digital home care worker

The home care project explores the use of a software robot for replacing human labor. Based on the project results, a decision will be made on the use of digital workers in routine operations that require precision.

IsraelPrize winner of public sector servicesBezeq"Smart Places"- Smart Urban Management Framework

Smart Places is an innovative solution for state-of-the-art urban management of the various municipal services, aimed at improving service to residents. 

Spain, Basque CountryPrize winner of potential innovationsHospital Santiago (OSAKIDETZA)Kit for positron emission tomography (PET) image-guided biopsy

This device allows the needle to be guided accurately during the PET-guided biopsy process. The system comprises a stereotactic frame and software, which virtualizes the position of the needle, thus allowing the biopsy to be performed.

IsraelAward winner of social and health care innovationsNovellusDXFunctional Annotation for Cancer Treatment (FACT)

A novel cell-based cancer diagnostic platform to support clinical decisions in the cancer care process platform. The product is an assay which identifies known and unknown active gene mutations as well as their response to drugs, and thus can provide functional information to physicians for treatment options.

Spain, Basque CountryPrize winner of social and health care innovationsFEKOOR Coordinating Federation for Persons with Functional and Organic Disabilities of BizkaiaFEKOOR-ETXEGOKI Social and technological innovation in the support system for persons with disabilities

Apartments for people with physical incapacity with a personalized support system, automated technology and environmental control, for the promotion of personal autonomy and social inclusion.

LithuaniaPrize winner of social and health care innovationsRepublican Vilnius University HospitalThe development of “green line service” for acute stroke patients and its implementation daily practice

Green line service allows to start acute stroke patients’ treatment with minimal in-hospital delay and it is first and very important step to improve the quality of acute stroke patients service.

FinlandAward winner of education sector innovationsCity of EspooSchool as a Service experiment - general upper secondary education on the Aalto University Campus

Creating new kinds of learning conditions – not school as a building. The flexible learning spaces are located on the university campus, where learning takes place interactively by sharing resources.

EstoniaPrize winner of education sector innovationsYFU Estonia NGOSmart YFU (Nutikas YFU)

“Nutikas YFU” is a tool to map volunteers’ competences, their job and work opportunities within YFU Estonia and their expectations to value and enrich the diversity of volunteers to be more aware of their skills and knowledge.

LatviaPrize winner of education sector innovationsLatvian Judicial Training CentreTailored made In-house software program “Training information system”

Training Information System (TIS) is a software to optimize registration for seminars, provide immediate electronic evaluation for seminars, serve as a library of audio and video recorded training sessions and other training materials, ensure collection and analysis of necessary data of attendance for the reporting purposes and serve a planning tool for administrative purposes of the LJTC.

ChinaAward winner of responsible & renewable innovationsBeijing Research Institute of Precision Mechatronics and ControlsA 6 DOF (Degree Of Freedom) robotic arm with high accuracy to clean up space debris

The development of a high accuracy, 6 DOF robotic arm, which based on digital design system and advanced simulation tools, is designed to clean up space debris in the earth orbit.

HungaryPrize winner of responsible & renewable innovationsHungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co.Hungarian Free Route AirspaceIn accordance with the contents of its Social Responsibility Programme with maximum consideration given to environment protection aspects, HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co. was the first in Europe to design and introduce in its entire en-route airspace the use of airspace free of fixed routes, as technological innovation.



Innovation of innovations

Award winner in category of micro enterprises

AutoAgronom Israel LtdAutonomous irrigation controllerAn advanced and unique controller which governs autonomously the irrigation and fertigation of crops. As the proprietary algorithm and sensors refer to plants root zone’s oxygen availability, it provides for the optimal quantity and timing of irrigation and fertigation and so it generates savings of around 50% in water and fertilizers while increasing yields.
FinlandPrize winner in category of micro enterprisesDust Shelter OyDust Shelter product familyReusable dust shelters for construction sites. Cost effective solution for controlling construction dust and emissions and protecting the environment. Fulfills EU directive concerning dust and emissions control and protection during construction.
HungaryAward winner in category of Small and Medium sized Enterprisesevopro Bus Kft.MODULO, innovative concept for urban and suburban transportationMODULO electric bus family is based on glass-fibre composite technology, have integral body and frame with modular size and drivetrain. The body is built of ring-like modules, and the vehicle's capacity can be modified by increasing the number of modules. 
FinlandPrize winner in category of Small and Medium sized EnterprisesInfrakit Oy Infrakit cloud platform

With Infrakit cloud platform road and rail construction becomes digital, real-time and efficient. We replace the traditional manual quality control and reporting methods that come with great costs. 

Spain, Basque CountryAward winner in category of Large companiesSORALUCE S.COOP. DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabilizer)A device integrated into a machine tool ram that makes possible to increase the power for cutting conditions in the machining processes, through the improvement of the machine’s dynamic rigidity.
SwedenPrize winner in category of Large companiesVolvo Car Customer Service Employee Engagement Concept – EECInspire and align all people & teams to contribute to the company “WHY”/purpose through their local expertise/skill, aiming their full potential by turning talents into strengths for individualized, unique and sustainable SUCCESS, taking the company to world class. 
HungaryAward winner in category of Public sector and nonprofit organizationsAlsomocsolad Local Council"RIGAC" as the support tool for the "Our future is in our own hands" economic development programmeAlsomocsolad, a small under-developed village in Hungary, created and issued in 2013 a local currency called RIGAC for its own district to revitalize local economy and lift local people out of a state of helplessness.
EstoniaPrize winner in category of Public sector and nonprofit organizationsIT and Development Centre, Ministry of the InteriorTransboundary water bodyTransboundary water body is a web application for fisherman and Transboundary water visitors. With the application fisherman and others can register to Transboundary water more comfortably and faster. This application also has saved about 80 hours of time of the border guards (phone calls has reduced) and this time can be used to patrol borders instead.
IsraelAward winner in category of Potential innovationsNewCO2Fuels (NCF) Ltd.CO2 emission reduction and utilization systemsCO2 (Green House Gas) emission abatement systems that effectively convert the CO2 to profitable, clean and useful fuels/chemicals using renewable energy sources.
KazakhstanPrize winner in category of Potential innovationsKazakh State Women’s Teacher Training UniversityDevelopment and creating birotor micro-Hydro Power PlantThis power plant is able to transform any low capacity power into nominal power due to its bi-rotor work principles and is suitable in isolated or decentralized rural regions
Spain, Basque CountryAward winner in category of Social and health care sectorFundación Centro de Tecnologías de Interacción Visual y Comunicaciones Vicomtech-IK4Software for computer-assisted 3D endovascular planning for aortic aneurysms based on image analysisEndovascular (abdominal) aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR) device planning tool through accurate quantification based on image analysis, optimizing workflows and reducing EVAR-related complications.
SwedenPrize winner in category of Social and health care sectorKost, Landstinget VästmanlandPatient food for the future - 28–dish á la carte menuAn à la carte menu which gives our hospital patients 28 different food dishes to choose from each mealtime. The system provides more satisfied customers as it provides them with more freedom of choice, and reduces costs as a result of a new, unique preparation and logistics process
FinlandAward winner in category of Education sectorInnofactor OyjInnofactor Skilli – Tools for Modern LearningInnofactor Skilli is a tool for analyzing learning. Its product development is strongly based on pedagogical research data. The goal is to double the learning results and enable meaningful teaching with limited resources.
LithuaniaPrize winner in category of Education sectorVerslo poligonas, LSCUsing of fast teaching and learning principles in educationMethodology of fast teaching principles which let us memorize new things and form new skills in short-term with big effectiveness and economic benefits.



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Czech republic Potential innovations BIOUHEL.CZ s.r.o Carbonization of biologically degradable materials using a waste heat.  The carbonization technology is used to process the biologically degradable materials of the organic origin using a low temperature pyrolysis process, while a process gas and carbon residuum are produced.
Czech republic Public sector and nonprofit organizations Pilsen City Transport Company Charging of Pilsen Card using an Automated Teller Machine Automated teller machines have been modified in the Pilsen region so they can be used as self-service machines to top up Pilsen Cards with long-term prepaid tickets and electronic money.
Estonia Microenterprises Cybernetica AS Sharemind A data processing system capable of performing computations on input data without compromising its privacy.
Estonia Potential innovations Flydog Solutions OÜ FlyBox + SensorNest  Sensor network management system, for simplifying and implementing data collection with multi-vendor sensor integration via innovative hardware and software.
Finland Large companies Konecranes Oyj AGILON® material management system Agilon® frees up time from material and material data handling in a production environment and logistic chain.
Finland Microenterprises Sharper Shape Oy Next Eagle Next Eagle® by Sharper Shape is the world’s first automatic asset inspection solution utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles.
Finland Potential innovations Haaga-Helia University of applied sciences Sales culture development tool HH6K A new tool for evaluating an organization's sales culture that combines the organization's self-assessment, an external assessment and developmental dialogue in a rapid and flexible manner.
Finland Potential responsible innovations LED Suutari Oy UV-LED-based products UV-LED-based products for disinfection, skincare incl. treatment of psoriasis, air and water purification.
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations City of Espoo "Konsti" family support Konsti family support is a concept and a team that focuses to help a family when one or more of family members are going through difficult time.
Finland Responsible innovations Medixine Oy Medixine Health Guard A comprehensive service and product concept for the home monitoring of chronic diseases.
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises Sunit Oy Traffic supervision and registration plate identification system. The system facilitates and speeds up police work by automatically distinguishing vehicles which should not be in traffic or have issues relating to general safety.
Hungary Microenterprises Kodolanyi Janos University for Applied Sciences PIQ & LEAD™ Higher Education Model. A new education model using business methods and techniques, with employment focused modules structure, innovative pedagogies, development of up-to-date content according to regional and national needs, and institution mission.
Hungary Public sector and nonprofit organizations G&G and Companion Ltd Facade scaffolding with vertically moveable working level.  
Israel Innovation of Innovations VoiceItt TalkItt Innovative speach recognition solution, Israel. TalkItt is an innovative speech recognition software solution that enables those with speech impairments to speak and be understood.
Israel Large companies Amdocs BEAT - Innovative Telco testing framework. A proprietary and innovative framework, which consolidates Amdocs Testing globally distributed knowledge, methodology, tools, and data analytics in a centralized location on the cloud.
Israel Potential innovations VoiceItt TalkItt Innovative speach recognition solution, Israel. TalkItt is an innovative speech recognition software solution that enables those with speech impairments to speak and be understood.
Kazakhstan Potential innovations National Scientific Research Medical Center High Intensive Focused Ultrasound HIFU - therapy is non-invasive technology, thereby significantly reducing the need for consumables used in traditional surgery and as stated above, is significantly reduced hospital stay.
Sweden Large companies Volvo Trucks I-Shift Dual Clutch The world's first commercially produced gearbox with dual clutch for heavy vehicles. I-Shift Dual Clutch offers better traction, higher average speed and more comfort for the driver and cargo.
Sweden Public sector and nonprofit organizations Södra Älvsborg Hospital Green Cross A visual indicator for a frontline personnel in the hospital for daily identifications of avoidable patient safety risks and accidents.



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Czech republic Small and medium sized enterprises Europ Assistance s.r.o. WebInvoicing system for the Europ Assistance supplier chain in the sphere of assistance services. WebInvoicing essentially changed the way the electronic invoicing is communicated from suppliers towards Europ Assistance.
Estonia Potential innovations GreenBead OÜ Reusable laundry agent. GreenBead is developing the technological concept for the first reusable biological laundry agent in the world.
Estonia Small and medium sized enterprises Icosagen OÜ Golden Egg Technology. Icosagen has developed innovative methodology “Golden Egg Technology” for generation of polyclonal antibodies using domestic chicken as test-animal. 
Finland Innovation of Innovations Stick Tech Ltd everX Posterior Reinforcing fibre material for dental repair.
Finland Large companies Ponsse Plc The Scorpion Harvester A harvester with a novel structure to improve the driver's ergonomy and the machine's working efficiency.
Finland Large companies Metsä Fibre Oy Botnia NordicPlus An innovative softwood pulp made using a polysulphide cooking process creates added value for clients.
Finland Microenterprises Stick Tech Ltd everX Posterior Reinforcing fibre material for dental repair.
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations The Finnish Forest Centre Metsään.fi Makes information on proprietary forests readily available on a service online.
Finland Responsible innovations City of Espoo, Espoo cityplanningcentre Energy Information Service A web service in which users such as a resident of Espoo, a building superintendent, a renewable energy device supplier, a property owner or a property investor may compare the costs and production possibilities between different energy forms.
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises Lymed Oy Lymed 3D Sense The treatment of a sensory integration disorder in athletes and animals with the aid of medico-technical support garments. 
Hungary Microenterprises G&G and Companions Ltd Inspection of the elements of the prefabricated, constructional metal scaffolding system. Inspection of the elements of the prefabricated, constructional metal scaffolding system. 
Hungary Small and medium sized enterprises Unicomp Informatikai Kft. GRAINPATROL grain probe GrainPatrol provides a solution to follow the conditions of the stored grain after harvesting.
Latvia Microenterprises Z2B Ltd. Lude - design with good karma In ageing society and taking into account regime change impact on pension system in Latvia, social enterprise Lude has decided to employ only senior citizens as its staff.
Latvia Microenterprises Trakais Rotors Ltd. Crazy Roller MTN and H2O Innovative attraction device improved model to reduce the impact on the environment and increase users safety.
Latvia Public sector and nonprofit organizations State Limited Liability Company “Latvijas Vēstnesis” Likumi.lv – Latvian Legislation Portal Modern, user-friendly site based on simple and clear structure of the information that is providing also advanced functionality addressing needs and requirements of professional users.
Sweden Large companies Volvo Car Customer Service Lean Knowledge Intensive & Staff Innovative Team Production System Volvo Car Customer Service Lean Knowledge Intensive Staff Innovative Team Production System 
Sweden Microenterprises SSK i Uppsala AB Hoppet Cognitive and behavior training in real life, an evaluated treatment method  for youths with social problems.
Sweden Potential innovations Volvo Trucks Co Volvo Dynamic Steering The Volvo Dynamic steering is a patented electronic-hydraulic truck steering system, making it possible for the driver to steer a truck more safely and without physical efforts. 
Sweden Public sector and nonprofit organizations Barn och ungdomspsykiatrin i Uppsala Intensive Contextual Treatment of self harming behavior Barn och ungdomspsykiatrin (BUP) i Uppsala, ICT– Intensive Contextual Treatment of self harming behavior.
Sweden Small and medium sized enterprises Förskoleteamet Helianthus Preschools on wheels Preschool on wheels is a kindergarten bus with its own kitchen, toilet, same features found in a preschool.



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Estonia Enteprises Molcode Ltd REACH QSAR Service as a legally compliant alternative to animal testing
Estonia Innovation of Innovations Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Enhanced innovative interactive training service supported by a virtual environment Enhanced innovative interactive training service supported by a virtual environment
Estonia Public sector and nonprofit organizations Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Enhanced innovative interactive training service supported by a virtual environment Enhanced innovative interactive training service supported by a virtual environment
Finland Honorable mention MEK – Matkailun edistämiskeskus Revontulet viraalikampanja  
Finland Honorable mention Savonlinnan Oopperajuhlat Free Will Maailman ensimmäinen yhteisöooppera, jonka tekemisestä vastasi Opera by You –internetyhteisö.
Finland Large companies Metsä Fibre Oy Botnia FOX Uusia mahdollisuuksia avaava menetelmä sellun laadun mittaamiseen
Finland Microenterprises Codespace DiveMax Innograafinen sukellusten suunnittelusovellus 
Finland Potential innovations MotoCut Oy Katkaisukoura Menetelmä betonipaalun katkaisuun
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations The City of Espoo Lonkkaliukumäki Lonkkamurtumapotilaan laadultaan parempi, nopeampi ja kustannustehokkaampi hoitamistapa
Finland Responsible innovations Ruukki Metals Oy Cr6+ Vapaa maalipinnoitettu teräsohutlevy 
Finland Responsible innovations Uniqoteq Oy Qsurf Tekee mistä tahansa televisiosta älyllisen internet –päätteen.
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises QPR Software Oyj QPR ProcessAnalyzer  
Latvia Enteprises GRANDEG SIA Pellet- and biomass-fired heating boiler Pellet- and biomass-fired heating boiler
Latvia Public sector and nonprofit organizations State Agency of Medicines of Latvia The Map of Latvian Pharmacies Provides diversified information that includes addresses, opening hours and available medications
Sweden Large companies Volvo Construction Equipment New business model New business model enabling the transfer of new environmental technology to third-party manufactured products
Sweden Potential innovations Appva AB Medication and care support system Medication and care support system
Sweden Public sector and nonprofit organizations Municipality of Upplands Väsby Väsby Labs Innovation in social and urban planning
Sweden Small and medium sized enterprises Natur&Kultur The Isle of Qnodds Comprehensive teaching material designed for iPads and developed for the Swedish curriculum



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Estonia Enteprises Wihtla OÜ ELS Excellence Real time customer satisfaction survey system for Estonian Post. An electronic tool which helps and speeds up daily surveys, getting results and taking corrective steps.
Estonia Public sector and nonprofit organizations Estonian Tax and Customs Board Customer-specific prepayment account An account that can be used to pay all taxes and payment with one payment. This helps save time and bank charges. 
Estonia Public sector and nonprofit organizations Estonian Health Insurance Fund Digital prescribing of medicines in Estonia Digital prescribing of medicines in Estonia
Finland Honorable mention Helena Häkkinen and Anu Miettinen Helpline for Boys Experts offer professional help to boys for free. The ever-growing popularity is an indication of the need. The service receives annually over 100,000 calls.
Finland Large companies Digia Plc www.oiko.fi Service for controlling mobile work. Advanced electronic tools help coordinate jobs and invoicing.
Finland Microenterprises Team Action Zone Oy TAZ outdoor games To encourage girls, boys, women and men to exercise - Electronic tools are used for example by Flaghunt which combines the best parts of hide and seek, orienteering and mock fights.
Finland Potential innovations Meclimb Mec Carver Helps to remove deadfall trees from on top of power lines at a safe distance without cutting the voltage.
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations Health centres in Helsinki Health Card Helsinki This electronic service comprises of a health card, health screening and health coaching. It helps an organisation offering health services to offer preventive and screening services in a way that supports independent health promotion for the people of Helsinki.
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises Rovio Entertainment Ltd Developing, commercialisation and marketing of the Angry Birds game The game has been downloaded almost 500 million times. There is a game-related movie, comic and other merchandise. Along with the game development, commercialisation and marketing have been very successful.
Sweden Large companies AFA Försäkring Proactive customer service in social media n contrast to other insurance companies, AFA Försäkring strives to ensure that everyone entitled to compensation is aware of the matter. Modern ways to use social media are the latest tools to put this into practice.
Sweden Microenterprises ES Equipment AB S-CUT Emergency Cutting Tool A tool to remove the clothes from an injured person in emergencies. It is quicker than scissors or a knife. Removing the clothes is often the first procedure in order to deal with injuries. The tool is also very useful in chemical accidents. It is used in ambulances, by fire departments, police (for example the FBI in the USA) and armies in several countries.
Sweden Potential innovations Lidköping Hospital New operating room management By reducing the number of operating rooms and making their functions more efficient, patient safety, customer satisfaction and efficiency can be improved by approximately 20%. 



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Estonia Honorable mention Competence Centre for Cancer Research Ltd Complex service of oncogenetic consultations and testing  
Estonia Microenterprises Feanor OU Pinetree solid carbide cutters Pinetree solid carbide cutters with three cutting edges and through coolant
Estonia Small and medium sized enterprises Bio-Competence Centre of Healthy Dairy Products LLC Lactobacillus planatrum TENSIA Usable as adjunct starter in functional food
Finland Large companies Kemppi Oy Kemppi Datastore Welding equipment customization
Finland Large companies Tallink Silja Oy Silja Line 1000 product developers  
Finland Microenterprises CWP Coloured Wood Products Oy Through colour water-soluble wood dyes  
Finland Potential innovations The Finnish Meteorological Institute Electric solar wind sail Concept for fast and cost efficient spacve travel
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations National land Survey of Finland Paikkatietoikkuna - Finnish Geoportal Transparent spatial map data overlays
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises Vahanen Oy PutkiremonttiPlus Service Model  



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Finland Large companies STX Finland Oy The Oasis of the Seas Design and construction of the world's largest cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas.
Finland Microenterprises Luontoportti Oy Luontoportti.fi The web site www.luontoportti.fi, which helps users to identify species of wild flora and fauna.
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations City of Helsinki Youth Department Netari The web-based youth work service "Netari", which provides a platform for connecting with young people that is already in use in 23 Finnish municipalities. 
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises Proactum Oy A new business concept A new kind of business concept based on combining free source codes and tailored software.



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Finland Large companies Metso Corporation The PowerDry Plus air dryer For drying coated paper and board.
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations Helsinki City Library Library 10 Public premises in the city where people can meet, create cultural works of art and present them.
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland The Bylaw Template An electronic service that represents the core of an electronic package for founding an association.
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises Kaleva Travel Oy  A virtual work concept A virtual work concept for the provision of high-quality customer service.



Country Series Organisation Innovation Description
Finland Large companies Outotec Oy An innovative new method of extracting copper from ore.  
Finland Public sector and nonprofit organizations City of Lahti Oral health care Interactive time and customer relationship management in oral health care, i.e. a new way of utilising the Internet and SMS messaging to shorten queues.
Finland Small and medium sized enterprises Smartum Oy Sports vouchers  


The Quality Innovation Award has been arranged in Finland since 2007. Its purpose is to increase the amount and level of innovations.

Today The Quality Innovation Award is truly an international event with many more countries looking to participate in the near future.

Hundreds of innovators from various countries have applied into this international competition for neutral evaluation and recognition of their innovation.