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Any innovation or idea can participate in the competition. Participation is easy and is done by filling in a simple submission form. All applications are processed confidentially and only the winning innovations are published. The winners receive international visibility for their innovation.

Participating increases the level of innovation activity in staff and helps in developing new ideas and innovations. Every participant receives a short written feedback of their innovation, which further helps refine it.

Award categories 2019



Potential innovations

For all innovations that are "still on paper" and have not been tested in the market yet

Responsible & renewable innovations (Circular economy innovations)

For innovations that have a clear environmental focus

Health care sector innovations

For innovations in the health care sector

Education sector innovations

For innovations in the education sector

Public sector innovations

For innovations in the public / municipal sector

Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)

For companies with turnover less than 2 million EUR and less than 10 employees

Business innovations (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises)

For companies with turnover less than 50 million EUR and less than 250 employees

Business innovations (Large companies)

For companies with turnover more than 50 million EUR and/or more than 250 employees

Which category am I supposed to participate in?

If your innovations fits into multiple different categories, simply choose the one that is closest to the top of the list.

What types of innovations can participate?

The competition is open to all types of innovations, such as product innovations, process innovations, potential innovations, networking innovations, brand innovations, customer engagement innovations and responble innovations. What were looking for basically is something new and timely that has been developed systematically and that can produce or has produced excellent results.

How do I participate?

The participation process and fees vary by country. Please go to the website of the partner organization in your country for more information.

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Reference documents

These documents are for reference only. Please check your local competition partner's web page above for more details on how to participate in your country.